At TRIS, we follow the Edexcel IGCSE course. This means that over the 2 years, students have time to develop their technical skills and investigative techniques before sitting their exam in April.

The course is graded purely on the final exam, which means that even students who join us late have a good chance of success. Edexcel outline the course as follows:

  • The GCSE Art and design allows students to devlop their creative and imaginative skills, and the practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meanings in Art, craft and design.
  • Students will investigate analytical, experimental and interpretative capabiities, aesthetic understanding and critical skills. They will develop an understanding of codes and conventions in art, craft and design and an awareness of the contexts in which they operate.
  • Students will also devlop and understanding of art, craft and design in contemporary society and in other times and cultures.

The final exam takes the form of an investigative project (6 weeks) followed by a controlled test in which students will present a personal response based on their findings.

Past exams have included the starting points of; Structures, Light & Night, Sensation, Groups, Power, Secret, Broken, Cover and Shadow & Shade.

The exam board have provided a useful downloadable document which shows examples of work across all levels of attainment, as well as explanations of how the work is assessed and comments from the examiner. Follow the link below to download it.


"Shadow & Shade" by Hee Won 2011

I am constantly modifying and developing  the Year 10 & 11 course to try and give the best preparation for our students.



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