Year 7

 Year 7

Term 1

Year 7 begin the year with a project looking at African masks. The work of African artists and craftsmen influenced the work of Picasso and Modigliani – leading to some huge developments in Western art. This project gives students an opportunity to work on their drawing and research skills, investigate the design process, and study simple 3-D construction techniques. They will finish the project by designing and making their own African / Picasso  style mask.

Key artists: Picasso, West African traditional art.


 Term 2

Year 7 follow this project with an investigation into self portraiture - beginning with the work of German expressionists such as Kirchner. They look at using strong light and shadow to create a dynamic and dramatic picture in black and white, using these paintings to create a relief print using card or lino.

Key artist: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


 Term 3

Using their developing portrait skills, Year 7 produce a piece of work based on personal identity. They study the work of Pop Artists such as Peter Blake to create a colourful and graphic painting which reflects the different facets of their personality.

Key artist: Peter Blake


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